Social Media Management

Create/Manage Facebook 


Posting and scheduling Facebook

     recordings & interpreting Insights

Promoting Facebook Pages

Create/Manage a Twitter Account

Increasing your Twitter following

Scheduling Tweets

Track mentions and Hashtags

Create/Manage LinkedIn Profile

Create Pinnable images on


Scheduling and Tracking Pins

Create/Manage Instagram Account

Post Images and Videos on


Track Hashtags and Insights

Create/Manage YouTube Account

Upload Videos on YouTube

Moderating Comments on any

     Social Platform

Answer inquiries/messages

Email Marketing

Creating a new list in software

Adding/removing Subscribers

Creating and Scheduling


Creating and Scheduling


Editing Follow-up emails

Setting up Auto-responders

Creating Email Newsletters

Editing/Proofreading emails

Design and Websites

Basic Photoshop/Image Editing

Designing Logos, Banners, Icons,

     eBooks, Headers

Designing Info graphics Images

Designing Websites

Designing Landing/Sales/Opt-In


Support and Develop Wordpress

Install WordPress PlugIns and


Creating New Pages

Site Analysis

Keyword Research for Blog


Competitor Analysis

Landing Page Set-up/Creation

On-page Optimization for



Filtering emails

Basic bookkeeping

Sending client invoices

Customer Service emails

Customer follow-ups

Creating forms or reports

Document template creation

Online research

Blog publishing management

Moderating blog comments

Adding tags & images to Blog


Creating Operating Procedures &

     Training Materials

Calendar Management

Appointment Scheduling

Reminder Services

Dropbox/Google Drive


Data Entry in Word or Google




Preparing Powerpoint/Keynote